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Inspired by your energy and engagement from last year’s virtual event, we’re delighted to be back with the new edition of DRIVEIT WITH VOLVO. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to join us for one day full of online sessions, where you’ll learn who we are at Volvo Group Digital & IT, how we work, what our values and culture are, and what’s in it for you.

We hope you’re as excited as we are!


We’ll gather – LIVE, online, in living rooms, home offices, office-offices, literally everywhere.


29 September 2022

Learn New Skills
From Volvo Employees

Attend our sessions and lectures to gain some practical knowledge from Volvo Employees.

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Event Agenda

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  • September 29, 2022

  • Introduction, Presentation of Volvo D&IT, Basic info about the DriveIT Work&Study program, general Time Plan, rules, etc

  • Azure has many options when it comes to moving an application to the cloud. The options can be based on PaaS, CaaS, FaaS, IaaS or SaaS depending on your requirement. In this session we will explain how you can be successful when moving your application to Azure depending on your requirements. Let us give you some tips and insights how you can think in your digital transformation journey.

  • Our ideas and proposals for additional initiatives for Students, integration plan, idea to gather feedback constantly during working time and on the end of internship.

  • If you are daily running macros, PROCV, manually creating analysis on Excel and sending by mail, this is presentation of a tool what will make your life easier and automated, with Qlik Sense you can use all the capability of a BI tool to transform data into information and share insights with your colleagues.

  • Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. Self-driving cars, food delivery drones, creative illustrations, and social media chatbots. And there are terrorist attacks, deepfakes, fake news, and all in between. As AI's potential uses and misuses spread daily, it is essential to know what possibilities it brings in terms of security. This session will help you understand the difference between computer crimes and AI-enabled crimes, their risks, and their impacts. It is an introductory topic for developing mitigation strategies and awareness about the safe use of AI.

  • During this session we will look at the latest announcements when it comes to Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power Pages. Additionally, we will have a look at the exciting roadmap for the Power Platform to understand where we are heading.

  • Power BI is all about making data available for any user, for any decision, at any scale across your organization. In this session, Petter will go through the vision and roadmap for Power BI. Petter will also show the latest features added to the platform and how the can be used in your solutions. During the session you will be able to ask questions directly to Petter.

  • Closing session, additional comments and question, feedback from listeners etc


About us

Volvo Group Digital & IT has a clear ambition to create significant value from digital transformation for the Volvo Group. We want to become the digital capability of Volvo Group, producing digital offerings that are profitable, scalable and differentiated, and being a strong contributor to Digital & IT Strategic Direction.

The team in Wrocław consists of over 1000 people working in the global organization. It is a strong team of IT experts in the field of IT architecture, business and process analysis, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, UX/UI, application development, project management and testing.

We are IT experts who work with passion, trust each other and constantly develop our competences.

Join us, join the Volvo Group Digital & IT and develop your career among the best!